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    This link is to see ALL the options Bryce can explore for you regarding your Medicare options (MedSupp, Standalone PDP's, Advantage Plans, and more)

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    This link is to see all of the ACA options for people who are wanting to explore the ACA (Obamacare) marketplace!

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Why us?

We're an independent health insurance broker. It's just a fancy way of saying we can look at options from both a Supplemental and Advantage side! If you're confused about your options, or want a personal broker, contact us today!

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Independent broker licensed in MS, TN, AR, OH, MO, FL, and IL

We provide a personal touch to something so crucial, like your health coverage!

Medicare Advantage

.Hospital networks, finances, and many other things go into factoring which which plan is best for you! Which means, there are perks with going with an independent broker!

Medicare Supplements

Plans F, G, and N, oh my! Which is which? Which company is best? When it comes to selecting a MedSupp (Medigap, Supplement Plan) it's important to know your options!

Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke

Roughly 2 out of 5 Americans will get diagnosed with some form of cancer. It's important to protect yourself financially when that time comes.







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Bryce has assisted both my wife and myself to navigate the maze of signing up for a supplemental policies to go along with Medicare. He was able to provide all detail needed for both of us to make decisions based on our individual circumstances and health. Bryce is very knowledgeable and made us both very comfortable in the choices we each made. I have already recommended Bryce to others and would highly recommend him to others in the future for their insurance needs.

R. Ward

Bryce has been a life saver. We were so lost trying to find the right health insurance for our needs at a price we could afford. Bryce came, sat down and took time to find out what we needed. He was more than patient with us. Answered all of our questions. We could not have done it without him!

D. Hill

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